Available Office Locations

Golden, CO / Tacoma, WA

About the Job

IllFonic is seeking an experienced Senior Animator to join our team on our next great title for PC and consoles.

This job requires an adept animator with experience animating different types of characters, through both key frame and motion capture. As a Senior Animator, you will work with the Animation Lead to help define the quality of game play and cinematic animations. Applicants must have good communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively with multiple tasks in a collaborative development environment.


  • Work with the Animation lead to help define the look and feel of the animations, produce animation blockouts and demonstrate conceptual ideas to the team.
  • Create animations for cinematics in addition to game play related animations.
  • Keep up to date with modern animation techniques within UE4
  • Using both key frame and motion capture animation, create believable animations that are both artistically sound and compliment design functions
  • Communicate efficiently, take notes when necessary, and work well under tight deadlines
  • Work with programmers, artists, designers and the animation team to improve production pipeline to enhance the cohesion of the studios and its process
  • Work with production to communicate updates, and make them aware of any unknowns that may have impact on established schedules
  • Mentor and give advice to more junior level animators when necessary


  • A strong portfolio showing a solid background in and animation,
  • The ability to create realistic, stylized, and mechanical animations (such as weapons)
  • Experience working with, and adjusting mo-cap data.
  • Experience with hand keyed animations
  • An understanding of effective asset creation and optimization
  • Practical knowledge of current 3D software (Maya and Motion builder)
  • Task Driven, self-motivated, and proactive
  • 5+ years professional experience
  • Passion for playing and creating games
  • Self-driven with strong communication skills
  • At least 2 shipped titles as an animator
  • Proven experience working closely with many other disciplines as well as being a team player