Cinematics Designer

IllFonic is looking for a talented Cinematics Designer to work in Unreal Engine 4 on an exciting upcoming title. Founded in 2007, IllFonic (IllFonic, LLC) is an independent video game developer with studios in Golden, Colorado; Tacoma, Washington; and Austin, Texas. Our staff is composed of video game, music, and technology veterans redefining how games are made and marketed. Past titles and collaborations include Arcadegeddon, Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead Alliance, Star Citizen, Evolve, Armored Warfare, Crysis 3, and Nexuiz.

Responsibilities include creating engaging cinematic sequences for in-game and marketing use. The job requires experience with Sequencer in Unreal Engine 4, and Adobe Premiere Pro (or equivalent editing software). Qualified applicants will need to send a resume and demo reel, as well as interview over the phone in order to be considered. We are looking for motivated team players that are interested in growing with the company for many years to come. Please include anything else that you think helps us understand how you can make IllFonic a better place to work!


  • Create visually interesting and entertaining cinematic moments for the game, utilizing storyboards and animatics as reference
  • Build, organize and maintain large scale sequences for in-game cinematics using actors, meshes, lighting and effects
  • Animate cameras and control shot pacing to convey the tone, mood and atmosphere of the story
  • Assist in establishing an engaging cinematic style throughout the project
  • Work with various departments to assemble assets and content for in-game cinematics
  • Work with optimization teams to keep gameplay and cinematics seamless and performant
  • Capture, edit, and iterate marketing pieces to align with marketing and social media team needs for trailers, screenshots, etc.
  • Contribute to features and workflows that expand and improve the cinematics creation process


  • 3+ years game/cinematic industry experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree and/or comparable years of professional experience in games/film
  • Critical eye for pacing, shot composition, and organization
  • Strong skills in Unreal Engine 4 Sequencer
  • Strong experience with cinematic creation
  • Demo Reel with Breakdown of responsibilities and contributions
  • Strong Video editing experience
  • Strong desire to improve process and seek out new ideas to evolve cinematic visuals


  • Experience with mocap
  • Experience with hand keyed animation
  • Experience with live action camera operation
  • Familiarity with Blueprint scripting
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects experience
  • Experience with Mobu or Maya