Senior Producer

IllFonic seeks a Senior Producer to join our team of talented game developers. This individual will manage schedules, remove roadblocks for developers, coordinate meetings, informs other production staff, supports the management of project budgets, and ensures all partners are communicated with properly.

Qualified candidates are expected to be highly organized, self-motivated, with excellent communication skills. We are looking for team players who work well in a collaborative environment and who are interested in growing with the company for many years to come.

Founded in 2007, IllFonic (IllFonic, LLC) is an independent video game developer with studios in Lakewood, Colorado; Tacoma, Washington; and Austin, Texas. Our staff is composed of video game, music, and technology veterans redefining how games are made and marketed. Titles and collaborations include Predator: Hunting Grounds, Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead Alliance, Star Citizen, Evolve, Armored Warfare, and Nexuiz.


  • The main conduit of information for the project not only communication with all members of the project but also keeping senior production and company management informed as well.
  • Scheduling meetings, defining meeting agendas and taking notes during meetings which are then sent out to the team.
  • Entering and tracking tasks and bugs in JIRA while working with groups to help build and develop JIRA workflows.
  • Tracking down various information regarding software and hardware needs form the team.
  • Keeping various documents up to date with information as it changes.
  • Communicating out daily tasks, goals, and status to the entire IllFonic team. As well as, communicate up any risks and develop mitigation plans to offset risks.
  • Communicating the status of the project up to senior Production management.
  • Communicate out completed work and work with QA and/or department Leads to vet that work.
  • Working with the production team to help determine resources needed to complete work to meet milestones and schedules on time.
  • Removing any roadblocks that prevent developers from doing their job.
  • Providing information to the Lead Producer and EP teams to help make decisions based on the data you provide.
  • Be proactive and take the initiative to champion and advocate for aspects of the games development when needed.
  • Providing support as needed for ongoing Marketing, PR and Sales demonstrations and reviews for the department/project. This may include responsibilities to demo the product live for retail and press purposes.
  • Helping scope and plan for new projects with the Leads and Directors group.
  • Helping in auditing and managing the projects budget and the budget of the production and QA teams.


  • 3-5 years in a Production Role
  • 3+ titles launched
  • Has co-managed a few projects and work groups
  • Experience with the following software; JIRA, MS Office Suite, and Google Suite
  • Highly organized and self-motivated with strong people skills
  • Fast learner, resourceful and computer savvy
  • Analytical thinker that can identify and break down complex problems to communicate them up.