About the Job

IllFonic is looking for a Backend/DevOps engineer to develop game database systems, load-balanced micro-services servicing a myriad of platforms. Responsibilities include provisioning hardware on cloud services, developing micro-service software to interface with databases, monitoring provisioned hardware, and developing tools for you and the rest of the team to monitor and maintain them. The job requires a good understanding of SQL/NoSQL databases, AWS or similar, Linux, source control, and some experience with automating cloud deployments and source control. Also, it helps to have experience with Amazon Aurora/DynamoDB or JWT, but that’s all bonus points. Please include anything else that you think helps us better understand how you can make IllFonic a better place to work!

Qualified applicants will need to send a resume of their work and interview both over the phone and in person in order to be considered. We are looking for team players that are interested in growing with the company for many years to come.


  • Design, develop and maintain backend microservices and toolsProvision SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Perform system and network application load testing, to identify bottlenecks
  • Take the initiative to identify, prioritize, call-out, and suggest solutions to problems both big and small.
  • Regularly playtest builds and provide professional feedback to the team on how to improve our games.
  • Share your thoughts about how to make the company a better place to work, improve the creative process, and help deliver better games.


  • Bachelor’s degree OR 4 years software development experience
  • Experience with SQL and/or NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL, Redis)
  • Experience with Bash, Go and Python
  • Experience with AWS, Load balancing
  • Experience with Linux (CentOS/RHEL/Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Experience with CI and source control
  • Experience automating public cloud deployments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Experience with container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos, OpenShift)
  • Strict use of code names and complete confidentiality of project information for as long as its required


  • Experience with Amazon Aurora or DynamoDB
  • Experience with service registry and discovery (Consule, etcd)
  • Experience with JWT